7. Juni 2020


soundfestival soundcast LIVE with Juliet Fraser
Juliet Fraser presents an hour long playlist for sound festival (Aberdeen)

Marie-Cécile Reber — Rytme_27Grad
Pascale Criton — I Double (2015)
John McGuire – A Cappella (excerpt)
Félicie Bazelaire — Au Milieu De La Nuit
Juliet Fraser — loop 2 (wallace stevens)
Juliet Fraser — loop 4 (running on empty)
Juliet Fraser — loop 12 (dai-oh)
Cassandra Miller — Warblework: Swainson’s Thrush
Naomi Pinnock – Between
Anna Zaradny – Theurgy One
Tim Parkinson – 2016 Last Piece
Marie-Cécile Reber — Pirol

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